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If you're an athlete, chances are good that you're familiar with Biofreeze.  For the rest of us, Biofreeze® Pain Reliever is the most frequently used and 
#1 recommended topical pain reliever by hands-on 
healthcare professionals. For over 18 years, Biofreeze 
products have been helping people manage their 
discomfort by offering a variety of benefits that assist in 
exercise, training, pain relief, therapy and overall comfort. 
Using natural menthol as the active ingredient, Biofreeze 
products provide temporary relief of minor aches and 
pains. For more information, click:   www.biofreeze.com 

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Continuous Comprehensive Oral Care & Relief

MedActive specializes in high compliance oral technology that safely addresses biofilm management, Xerostomia (dry mouth), Burning Mouth, Candidiasis (oral thrush), Stomatitis, Gingivitis, Periodontitis, and Hypersensitivity.

MedActive Oral Care and Oral Relief Brands are formulated to support:

  • Superior patient compliance
  • Comprehensive care of the entire oral cavity
  • Continuous relief from discomfort, associated with chronic illness and the adverse oral effects of prescriptive medications
  • Optimized defense against pathogenic biofilm migration into the bloodstream,
  • Ongoing remineralization of tooth surfaces to prevent dental caries
  • Sustained soft tissue conditioning
  • Salivary enhancement as needed

All MedActive® Brands are made in America and sold without prescription (OTC). For more information, click: http://www.medactive.com

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B-Complex with B-12

90 Tablets + 90 FREE
Supports Energy Metabolism

Odor-Less Fish Oil 1200 mg
60 Coated Softgels + 60 FREE
May Reduce Risk of Coronary
Heart Disease

Acidophilus Probiotic
120 Tablets + 120 FREE
Friendly Bacteria for the 
Digestive System
Buy One - GET - One FREE

     C-500 mg Plus Rose Hips
     100 Caplets + 100 FREE
     Promotes Immune System Health

     D3-1000 IU
     120 Softgels + 120 FREE
     Supports Strong Bones & Teeth

     Gentle Iron 28 mg
     90 Capsules + 90 FREE
     Promotes Red Blood
     Cell Production

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